St. George Museum Old Cairo




Cairo, Egypt

Budget: 796.000,00 €
Period: 08/2014 - 04/2015

St. George Museum Old Cairo, Egypt

The project concerns the supply and installation of various showcases and museum structures for the renewal of the exhibition with recent findings and the overall modernization of the museum.

The project includes freestanding and wall mounted showcases equipped by various opening mechanisms that meet the needs of each showcase and its exhibit.

Project characteristics:

  • 30 museum showcases
  • Special construction of a glass room
  • Special self-luminous steel “column” structures
  • Various steel structures holding the exhibits inside the showcases
  • Special plexiglass structures, audiovisual educational material and textual information
  • Including the external and internal lighting system
  • Earthquake safe showcases and special object “fall-in” mechanisms