Heraklion Archaeological Museum




Heraklion Crete

Project budget: 3.690.000 €
Period: 02/2012-07/2013

Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Crete

5 types of CHROMA-LAM® with special etching effect. In order to achieve the right colors, a thorough sampling procedure took place. We had to simulate the deep blue of Aegean sea, the ancient red, the blue of the greek sky, the color of the sand, the ancient orange.

The showcase types vary from wall cases with pull & slide opening, tilt & slide opening, pull & ride opening, freestanding cases with tilt & slide opening and table showcases with sliding hoods.

  • over 300 museum display cases.
  • over 500 running meters of showcases.
  • over 23 galleries.
  • including the external and internal lighting system.
  • all showcases equipped with clima and temperature control.
  • all showcases equipped with alarm sensors.
  • earthquake safe showcases and alarm sensors ‘fall-in’ mechanisms.