Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth





Budget: 318.000,00 €
Period: 09/2015 - 05/2016

Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

The project concerns the re-exhibition of the East and Classical (South) Rooms of the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth, where objects illustrating life in the Corinthian territory outside the walls and the city of Ancient Corinth within the walls are exhibited.

The project consists of freestanding, wall mounted and table museum showcases equipped by various opening mechanisms that meet the needs of each showcase and its exhibit.

Project characteristics:

  • 30 museum showcases
  • Over 30 stainless steel structures
  • Over 150 pedestals
  • Over 200 special plexiglass structures
  • All showcases equipped with humidity control system
  • All showcases equipped with humidity/temperature recording system
  • All showcases equipped with alarm sensors
  • Earthquake safe showcases and special object “fall-in” mechanisms
  • Various special structures, such as the depiction of a part of the Corinthian in a map form on the museum floor using cement mortar and stainless steel parts and the construction of a wooden ship part.